Premium Solution

Suitable for small and medium businesses with sufficient budget and some complex requirements

With the Zoho CRM Premium Solution Project you get a Zoho CRM Consultant for eight days to help you design and build a Zoho CRM for your business using the Zoho CRM Professional Edition or if you have more complex requirements the Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition which allows for Custom Coding to enhance your Zoho CRM Design.

The first day of your Premium Solution project is a Workshop:

1.Information Gathering with your key staff

Your CRM Consultant will want to meet with you and your key members of Staff and take notes on the business requirements for the CRM.

The second to fourth days of your Premium Solution Project is the Specification Stage:
2.Your CRM Consultant will create a design for the CRM and document it

Using the information gathered from the Workshop your Zoho CRM Consultant will create a design for your CRM tailored to your business. The Zoho CRM Consultant will convert the Zoho CRM design, using the tried and tested Ascent Business Design Specification Template, into a Design Document. The Design Document will allow you and your senior members of staff to review the design and ensure it meets the business requirement.

The fifth day of your Premium Solution Project is for review and sign off of the Design Document
3.The Design document is circulated to you and your senior members of staff for review

It is important that everyone that may be able to add value is involved in the review. This may not always be your senior members of staff. It may be that some of the junior members of your business have some of the most critical information; which is key to the success of your Zoho CRM implementation.

4.Any changes required are added to the design document

To avoid project overrun, changes are filtered through one person in your business to your Zoho CRM Consultant.

5.The design document is signed off by you

Changes after this point may be subject to change control, which may incur extra costs, So it is important that the design document is signed off by an appropriate person or even several people in your business.

The sixth and seventh days of your Premium Solution Project are your Build Days:
6.Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities are customised to your business design

Your Zoho CRM Consultant will build your customisations into the CRM core; empowering your business and tailoring your Zoho CRM to your needs.

7.Service Modules may be created to manage your business processes

Manage your key servicing and processes using your Zoho CRM, you already have the Accounts and Contacts together with your recording of your Sales Information, why not have the processing of the business here too, it saves a lot of time after all!

8.Custom Coding may be used (Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition Only) to build extra functionality

Ascent Business is a qualified Zoho Creator Certified Solution Provider. We have developers in the UK who will work on your custom developments in Zoho CRM’s own development language DELUGE Script.

9.Your Zoho CRM Consultant will define a Security Access Model for your business to provide a robust framework for your team to work in.

Every business has processes that require rigour to ensure excellent customer service and business performance. Your Zoho CRM Design can deliver the security framework your business needs.

10.In order to migrate your existing data into your new Zoho CRM, your CRM Consultant will provide templates to enable you to prepare your existing data for import into your new CRM.

This is often a good opportunity to perform a data quality check for your business, importing clean data into the CRM will help your business move forwards faster after migration.

11.Set up of 2-4 key Workflows for your business will be added to your CRM System to help Automate your business functions

Automate the reminders that ensure things do not get forgotten. No more post-it notes, get automatic reminders for your sales team, automatic reminders for your ops team and reminders to supervisors to catch things before they become emergencies. How to set up Workflow can be included in the CRM Administrator Training so your own CRM Administrator can add this for you after the Project.

12.Up to 5 custom reports to help manage your business KPIs

Your CRM Consultant will have gathered this information from your Workshop. Your Zoho CRM Consultant will design your reports to help you understand your Business performance and track your Key Performance Indicators.

13.Google Apps or other Email integration will be added to your CRM System

Whatever your email platform we can integrate either Google Apps or your own email system into your CRM. Get your customer emails (inbound and outbound) under your Customers record on Zoho CRM for all your team to keep up to date on Customer Communications.

14.There are more than 45 Back Office Business Applications in the Zoho Cloud Suite

Zoho Cloud Applications integrate with one another beautifully and offer a single login (with optional two-factor authentication) across the entire suite; Ascent Business can help you with all of these other applications if you need to integrate them into your Zoho CRM design. Included within the scope of this project is the setup of the standard integrations to any Zoho Applications you require. Customisation of the other applications is not always necessary but if it is required, can be priced as an optional extra should you wish. Training courses for the other applications are available also at extra cost.

The final day is broken up into two half days for the two training sessions:
15.Half-Day CRM User Training

A tailored training course will be constructed for you based on your CRM design to give your team the best start on how to use CRM and drive your business forwards.

16.Half-Day Administrator Training

Your Zoho CRM Consultant will design a training package for your CRM Administrator specifically to meet the needs of your business going forward.