Zoho CRM Review

Ascent Business are offering a personal review of your Zoho CRM system with recommendations for improvement. We are offering this service for £99 inc. VAT with no further commitments.

How it works?

  1. Ascent business run a remote support session with you over the phone to review your CRM.
  2. Discussion on what you are trying to achieve with your CRM system and whether it is meeting your needs.
  3. A report with a list of recommendations about your systems is sent to you.

Why Ascent Business:

  • Finding improvements with your implementations of Zoho
  • Recommendations of best practice approaches specific to your organisation
  • Direct chat with our CRM Consultants at the Number 1 Zoho Consultancy in the UK
  • We offer a wide range of services on all Zoho Products including training and bespoke custom development.
Ascent Business Zoho CRM ReviewPrice (Exl. VAT)Price (Inc. VAT)Buy Now
Zoho CRM Review£82.50£99.00