Two-Factor Authentication

With over 20 Million users working online on cloud services, security is an important issue to Zoho. Each account is the entry point for online services, Zoho Apps help run our businesses, but also hold our data. At Ascent Business, we want to help keep that entry point safe.

Zoho has one of the most secure systems in the world for protecting our accounts – Two-Factor Authentication.
Two Factor Authentication
In this age of constant cyber-attacks, relying on login and password alone does not provide enough security. No matter how strong or complex our primary password might be, our account stands the risk of a breach if our password happens to fall into the wrong hands. Modern software robots used by criminals are attempting to use dictionaries of passwords to hack into online accounts all day, every day.

Two-Factor Authentication has two great advantages; the criminal would need physical access to our mobile device and secondly (most importantly) we can choose to get a text message when anyone tries to log in to our account.