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Ascent Business is a qualified Zoho Creator Certified Solution Provider

Zoho Creator is a new breed of development platform. Working completely virtually, powerful applications can be built very quickly.

Ascent Business are a Zoho Creator Certified Solution Provider, this means we have worked with Zoho and after rigorous training and scrutiny we are recognised by Zoho as meeting their high standards for Creator Development. With Offices in Birmingham and Uxbridge near London, we offer any company in the UK the powerful possibilities of integration with Zoho Creator. Define a new application which works with what you already have or start from scratch and create custom Applications integrating with the other Zoho Cloud Apps. Provide your business with go anywhere software that works where your team do.

Zoho Creator will work with your existing hardware (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile) devices connected to the Internet and Integrate your existing Cloud Applications with your new Creator Application.

To stay competitive today, you need the best tools for the job

Building custom applications for your business used to only be available for organisations with big budgets and large IT teams. Zoho Creator gives you the power to build custom applications without needing a large budget.

Zoho Creator gives you the following features:

  • Integration to a huge range of Cloud Software
  • Integration to Zoho Products
  • Build custom applications in the cloud
  • Easy to use database management
  • Automations to streamline your business
  • Collaborate with users securely
  • Turn the data into useful information using the inbuilt reporting tools
  • Free mobile app version of your business application

At Ascent Business, we love Zoho Creator, a true Cloud development platform. We use Zoho Creator in so many ways.
Zoho Creator is great for Integration. Making the glue between two systems can transform the overall performance of a business. Zoho Creator is also often used for Calendar Booking Systems. The humble diary matched with just a small amount of information matched with resource scheduling can transform a business. Zoho Creator also has a built in Customer Portal security gateway to allow sharing of data with people outside your system. The best thing is that it is all Cloud, so you can access it from anywhere. Your system can also benefit from the Zoho Security framework, two-factor authentication with Biometric features too.

System Integration

Zoho Creator is an incredibly powerful integration tool. System Integration is what is making Cloud Computing much more powerful than traditional software. Previously a piece of software was installed and hidden away, it could not talk to other software, it operated in isolation. All that has changed with Zoho Creator. We can now create powerful Integrations between other Applications and Zoho Creator is at the heart of these Integrations. Sometimes you do not even see the Zoho Creator Application running, it is there in the background, automatically pushing data from one system to another. Other times we use Zoho Creator as a part of the system, adding value to the system as necessary, being the glue that makes two systems talk to each other, like getting Zoho CRM to display Google Maps data inside CRM automatically.

Calendar Booking Systems

Zoho Creator is great for Diary management helping business manage resources. The objects in the individual calendar entries can be customised to meet the individual requirement. The Zoho Creator Calendar Report can be automated and customised to meet the needs of diaries, but also to manage peaks and troughs in resource scheduling. We often deal with requirements detailing concerns of overbooking when services and goods are offered online. Zoho Creator can manage the levels of resources to enable the business to flow more smoothly.

Zoho Creator Customer Portal

Data sharing with external people via the Zoho Creator Customer Portal is a very powerful feature of Zoho Creator. Often, we want to present some of our data back to our customers via a login system. This allows us to collaborate with our customers and keep everything secure. We can also bring in data from a number of sources (other Zoho Applications or Cloud Based External Applications), allowing transformations and pushing the new information back into a Parent system.

Ascent Business is a UK Zoho Creator Certified Solution Provider

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