Managing Your Business With Zoho CRM
Running a successful business relies on two things, obtaining customers and selling products and services for more than it costs to produce them. A CRM system allows you to manage your business to help ensure you are profitable. This is especially useful in an uncertain economy where you need to keep a tight control over […]
Business to Business CRMs (B2B)
Business to Business (B2B) based sales tend to be focused on relationships between your company and your customer. This relationship based sale generally takes the form of account management i.e. the customer buys from a person in the organisation. Some of the characteristics of a B2B sale which is supported by Zoho CRM: B2B sales […]
Tips, Tricks and Secret Features in Zoho CRM – Adding Record Links To Workflows
Save Time With Links In Workflow Alerts Zoho CRM is a feature packed system, most users and people considering using Zoho don’t realise how to get the best out of their CRM. At Ascent Business, we often find users haven’t even scratched the surface of their business critical systems. Ascent Business offers a full suite […]
What does Brexit mean for your business?
The UK public has voted to exit the EU in a national referendum which took place on the 23rd June 2016.  The question on everybody’s lips is; will the UK economy go into recession following the decision to leave the EU? Leaving the EU could have the following effects for UK businesses: Challenges The economy […]
Zoho Social: Twitter Direct Messages
Personalization, or personalized communication, was one of the most talked about topics on digital marketing in 2015. The web, email, and mobile have each become highly personalized channels for communication. Social media is no exception. As marketers, we understand the value of building good relationships in our hyper-connected times. We also know that broadcasting our […]
Getting smart with Advanced Recruit Analytics
James runs a staffing agency. James wanted to generate weekly business insights. James switched to Advanced Recruit Analytics. James is now his workplace ninja. James is smart. Be like James. Like James, many modern day recruiters are responsible for more than just hiring. It isn’t enough to simply fill as many job openings as possible with […]
Drop everything, Zoho SalesIQ mobile App for iOS and Android is here.
We’re glad to announce that the much awaited native mobile app for Zoho SalesIQ is now available on the App Store and Google Play. The app is free for all SalesIQ users on any plan.  Zoho SalesIQ is an unique platform which combines live chat, website visitor scoring, and analytics rolled into one package ready […]
Zoho Expense integrates with QuickBooks Online
Zoho Expense is all about making expense reporting effortless, but once expenses get approved, the labor of processing them falls on the finance team. For a manager, it is probably 20 odd reports a month. But a finance team has to handle an average of 100 expense reports a month for reimbursements and accounting for […]