Managing Your Business With Zoho CRM

Running a successful business relies on two things, obtaining customers and selling products and services for more than it costs to produce them. A CRM system allows you to manage your business to help ensure you are profitable. This is especially useful in an uncertain economy where you need to keep a tight control over your costs and business.

Ascent Business’s tailored Zoho CRM systems are designed to meet your specific requirements.

Benefits of using a CRM:

  • Managing your Sales Team
  • Capture leads and opportunities from a wide variety of sources
  • Forecasting sales and understand your sales pipeline
  • Manage the orders of products and services through your Delivery Team
  • Manage your suppliers and purchasing function
  • Integrate your company emails so you can see email interactions between your employees and the customer
  • Generate live reports and dashboards of your business so you understand your company’s activities at any time
  • Mobile and Tablet apps let your staff work from any location even if they don’t have a mobile signal

There are two costs you need to be aware of when setting up a CRM. The initial cost (Capital Expenditure) and the ongoing cost (Operational Expenditure).

Capital Expenditure

The initial cost of a CRM system is dependant on the complexity of the project and how much assistance you require. Below is a guide for the initial cost of a CRM system.


Ascent crm prices


Operational Expenditure

The monthly subscription fee for the use of the software is dependant on four things:

  • CRM version
  • Number of users
  • If additional file storage is required
  • Other Zoho tools, eg. Sales IQ, Campaigns etc.


The monthly prices are currently:

Zoho CRM prices


These prices are correct as of June 2017. Please go to Zoho’s pricing page here to get the latest prices.

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